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PASS Coalition

Pedestrians for Accessible and Safe Streets

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The Pedestrians for Accessible and Safe Streets (PASS) Coalition was founded by eleven organizations that represent people from across the disability spectrum - most of which focus on the needs of blind and visually impaired people in New York City. This coalition was established in order to ensure that ALL of New York City’s streets are fully accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired, whether they are residents or visitors to the city. †PASS currently is allied with over two dozen organizations.

If you wish to request that an APS be installed in a specific location in your area and you need assistance with the procedure, PASS may be able to help. Email the PASS Chair and put the words Accessible Pedestrian Signal in the subject line. Name the specific crosswalk where you wish to request the APS. Include the reason you think it is necessary, along with specific location information including the borough. Also include an email address and phone number where a PASS representative can reach you.

Contact us

Dr. Karen Gourgey (kgourgey[at]

Partial list of PASS associates